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Guidelines & Criteria

The Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation is a community-based organization that works in conjunction with businesses and organizations committed to community economic and employment development. Its purpose is to increase permanent employment through the stimulation of the local economy, fostering entrepreneurship and the advancing of business ventures, supporting the development of local infrastructure and public services and contributing to the quality of life.

Purpose of the Business Improvement Program

The Business Improvement Program (BIP) has been developed by the KLCFDC to assist local businesses and social enterprises with newly-developing physical improvements to existing facilities to stimulate business growth and further long-term development.

Deadline for Applications

Dependent on the availability of funding, applications will be considered on a continuous intake basis.

Please call (705-328-0261--extension 22) to inquire about availability.

Eligible activities include:

The BIP is not designed to limit activity as much as to insure these are the types of activities that can both make a positive impression--for both the facility and those patronizing it, as well serve as tools by which the business can show a measurable improvement to its "bottom line". For example, eligible activities may include a new sign on a store front, a renovation for the purpose of expanding a retail operation, the creation of a showroom or counter to add to your sales volume, possibly a new demonstration facility for your operation, a ramp to help with customer accessibility, or a cosmetic improvement to a structure or space which can clearly be assessed as to improve the customer experience. There may be other activities which may be involved in your project, so please ensure all that you wish to seek support for is clearly expressed within your application and cost estimates.

Approved loans are interest free with repayment terms of up to five years.

Applications are assessed on the following criteria:

  • The applicant is the owner/ operator, creator or renter of a local small or medium-sized business or social enterprise in the City of Kawartha Lakes.
  • If renting, the approval of the landlord/ building owner is required.
  • Project includes eligible activities (as outlined previously) or potentially similar types of work, which must be clearly described in the application.
  • KLCFDC can provide up to $7500 in an interest-free loan.
  • The KLCFDC could extend additional funds to the owner/operator/renter at conventional interest rates. The basis for this additional investment will be as per the traditional terms of KLCFDC lending; requiring Board approval, security and additional terms and conditions as is outlined on the Corporation’s website, www.KLCFDC.com  
  • Partnerships and projects with leveraged funds, whether in-kind or cash, will be given priority. The 25% contribution by the applicant is a pre-requisite for the loan to be considered.
  • Loans are subject to standard due diligence processes of the KLCFDC.
  • Funds are limited and the program is dependent on availability.
  • All projects will be required to submit a final report that will include a summary of activities, leveraged funds, accomplishments of the project and a financial reconciliation. Substantiation of claims may be required.
  • All applicants agree to provide business information, their name and the names of other principals involved in the BIP, and additional information if requested; and that this information may be accessed by the Government of Canada for its use.

Attention: As noted above, under the KLCFDC’s Investment Fund guidelines, we can provide loans of up to $150,000 to local businesses. If you require this level of support, we urge you to contact us directly and be aware that we are open to discuss how we can best support you further; with the BIP offer becoming a part of an overall transaction/ loan to your business. As mentioned, this would involve a different process, falling under our traditional Investment Fund guidelines and potentially involve additional terms and conditions.

BIP Application

Businesses and Social Enterprises in the City of Kawartha Lakes are invited to complete the Business Improvement Program (BIP) application form to request financial assistance with new physical improvements to existing facilities to stimulate business growth and further long-term development.

Simply stated BIP is about: "Renovation, Restitution and Replacement”. The Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation (KLCFDC) is looking to assist eligible organizations and businesses to undertake renovations, to re-instate facilities to their previous condition, and/or to upgrade components--visually seen by the public (examples; signage, windows, display area, etc), resulting in the overall improvement/ enhancement of the facility.

For complete details, please review “Guidelines” section, listed above.

The KLCFDC may provide a non-interest bearing loan for up to 75% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $7,500.00.


  1. Download the Application.
  2. Complete the Application by hand
  3. Fax, mail or drop off your completed BIP Application; OR you may chose to call us to discuss your application further or to arrange an appointment.

Please do not send us your application electronically. Either fax it to us (705) 328-3684 or drop it off at our office.

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